April Fools Countdown: 1 week

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10:30am, 25th March
The Twits
Mr and Mrs Twit, from Roald Dahl's The Twits, illustrated by Sir Quentin Blake

We're counting down to 1st April by celebrating some of Roald Dahl's trickiest, most mischievous characters. OF COURSE that includes The Twits.

Mr and Mrs Twit are among the biggest tricksters in Roald Dahl's stories. They are pretty mean, too. Not content with playing their horrible tricks on each-other, they also keep the poor old Muggle-Wumps in their back garden in training for Mr Twit's Great Upside Down Monkey Circus.

So we don't necessarily suggest you try any Twits tricks for April Fool's Day next week - but here are a few to watch out for...

1. The Glass Eye

Mrs Twit has a glass eye that she likes to use on an unsuspecting Mr Twit. One day she drops it into his mug of beer when he's not looking, and he gets a nasty shock.

I've got eyes everywhere so you'd better be careful.

Mrs Twit

2. The Giant Skillywiggler

To pay her back for the glass eye trick, Mr Twit plans a surprise for his wife - involving a frog (or Giant Skillywiggler), Mrs Twit's bed, and a jug of water.

By golly it is a Giant Skillywiggler! It'll bite off your nose.

Mr Twit

3. The Wormy Spaghetti

It's not only beer Mr Twit has to watch out for. Mrs Twit's cooking leaves something to be desired, too - especially when she adds a new special ingredient to his spaghetti dinner...

I find it rather bitter. It's got a distinctly bitter flavour. Buy the other kind next time.

Mr Twit

4. The Funny Walking Stick

Mrs Twit walks with a cane. One day her husband devises a particularly horrible trick to make her think that she's shrinking - when actually it's the cane that's getting bigger, as Mr Twit slowly adds new pieces of wood to the bottom of it.

You've got the dreaded shrinks!

Mr Twit

See? We told you they were horrible. What a pair of April Fools.

The Twits has been mischeviously adapted by The Royal Court Theatre and opens on the London stage from 7th April. Seeing as Mr and Mrs Twit are VERY mean, we recommend the show for Very Brave eight-year-olds and their families. Watch the trailer below, and find out more on the Royal Court website.

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