Get messy this summer

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3:00pm, 27th July
James, Matilda, Museum, The Twits, The Witches

With many UK school children enjoying the summer break, we've got some tips for in- and outdoor fun and games for the family

Looking for holiday activities, or a fun way to spend next weekend? 

Well, look no further - we've got a whole host of ways to get creative and have some messy fun with your favourite Roald Dahl characters, whatever the weather.

Go on an interactive adventure

Matilda Wormwood from Matilda, The Grand High Witch from The Witches, and James from James and the Giant Peach. All illustrated by Sir Quentin Blake for Roald Dahl stories.

Have we got an incredible outdoor interactive adventure for you - grab a phone, visit Persil's Messy Adventure website and get out and about in your local area for fun and games with characters including Matilda, James and (watch out) The Grand High Witch...

Download Roald Dahl's Twit or Miss

Download Roald Dahl's Twit or Miss app

If you're looking for an indoor distraction, the first Roald Dahl app is full of food fighting fun for Twits big and small. Twit or Miss is available on the App Store and via Google Play - earn points by flicking food away from a sleeping Mrs Twit and make sure you watch out for her cane...

Get cooking in the kitchen

George Kranky, from Roald Dahl's George's Marvellous Medicine, illustrated by Sir Quentin Blake

We don't particularly recommend trying out George's medicinal mixture, but we do have a whole host of other Roald Dahl-inspired Revolting Recipes for you to try your hand at in the kitchen. From Fizzy Lifting Drinks to Rachel Khoo's Salted Caramel Walnut Clusters, why not channel your inner Mr Wonka and give it a go?

Become an explorer

Explore your local countryside

Roald Dahl loved the countryside. In My Year, he talks of the "splendid sights" that surrounded him in his home town of Great Missenden:

There is so much beauty in the countryside... The lovely pink dog roses are in full bloom along the hedges and wild honeysuckle is plentiful.

If you're heading to the Roald Dahl Museum, we have village and countryside trails for you to download so you too can be inspired by the great outdoors. 

Even if you can't visit Great Missenden, why head out and explore where you are?