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10:00am, 7th December
Using Signly around the galleries
  • Using Signly around the galleries
  • Signly stickers in situ
  • Using Signly around the galleries
  • Using Signly around the galleries

The Roald Dahl Museum launches a new app called Signly which allows deaf visitors to explore the galleries with sign language interpretation.

Sign language is the preferred language for many deaf people, and the Signly app, now in use at the Museum, delivers smart signed content directly to the user’s device. The visitor simply opens the app and points it at a Signly logo to play the relevant video. Sign language interpreters appear via the app, as if the visitor had brought their own interpreter along in their pocket.

Users can for example, aim their smartphone at the Signly label positioned near Roald Dahl’s writing chair to get signed content about the exacting daily routine he followed to create his famous tales. In total there are 24 Signly points around the Museum to explore.

Signly was conceived by Mark Applin, founder of Intermedia, and Deafax, a charity committed to transforming the lives of deaf people through technology. The Museum supported the creation of the app and facilitated on-site user testing to improve the app experience. For more information the press release is available to download from the links on the right.

The app can be downloaded via the Apple App or Google Play stores either before a visit, or whilst at the Museum using the Museum’s free WiFi.

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