Nine Gruesome Gruncious Giants

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4:00pm, 14th April
The BFG sneaks up on the Other Giants. Illustrated by Quentin Blake, from Roald Dahl's The BFG.

With this week's BFG movie cast announcement, allow us to re-introduce the nine Other Giants from Roald Dahl's The BFG

The actors who will play The Big Friendly Giant's fiendish counterparts in Steven Spielberg's 2016 adaptation of The BFG were announced this week.

Bill Hader, Jemaine Clement, Michael David Adamthwaite, Daniel Bacon, Chris Gibbs, Adam Godley, Jonathan Holmes, Paul Moniz de Sa and Olafur Olaffson are set to take on the roles of the foulsome Other Giants. They live alongside The BFG in Giant Country, but whilst The BFG is "nice and jumbly" and spends his days eating snozzcumbers and catching dreams for "chiddlers," The Other Giants are most certainly neither nice OR jumbly. In fact, every night, they run off to gobble up people for their dinner - "human beans," as they call them. When The BFG "kidsnatches" Sophie from her orphanage and brings her back to Giant Country, she is horrified.

So, in case you need a refresher on just how despicable these Giants are, allow us to re-introduce you (but make sure you stay hidden. Those Giants can sniff out a human bean quicker than you can say Dahl's Chickens.)

The Other Giants


The Fleshlumpeater 

According to The BFG, The Fleshlumpeater is "...the horriblest of them all. And the biggest of them all."

The Bonecruncher

"Bonecrunching Giant says Turks is tasting oh ever so much jucier and more scrumdiddlyumptious!" The BFG tells Sophie.

The Manhugger

Like the others, The Manhugger is "colossal, far taller and wider than the Big Friendly Giant..." with "long arms and big feet."

The Childchewer

As The BFG tells Sophie: "Little chiddlers is not so tough to eat as old grandmamma, so says the Childchewing Giant."

The Meatdripper

According to The BFG, The Meatdripper catches human beans by pretending to be a tree, and then gobbling up any family that picnics beneath his pretend branches.

The Gizzardgulper

"The Gizzardgulping Giant is a city lover," says The BFG. He catches the humans he eats by lying in wait on the roof of a city house and picking people off the street.

The Maidmasher

"I," shouted the Maidmasher, "is knowing where there is a gigglehouse for girls and I is guzzling myself full as a frothblower."

The Bloodbottler

The Bloodbottler overhears The BFG talking to Sophie in his cave and comes to investigate. "I is very fond indeed of English school-chiddlers. They has a nice inky-booky flavour," he tells him.

The Butcher Boy

The Butcher Boy, like all the giants in Giant Country, spends his days waiting to gallop off in the night to eat human beans.

All in all, Sophie's very lucky it was The BFG who spotted her in the bedroom window...