Roald Dahl Day 2014: Memories

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5:30pm, 19th October

This Roald Dahl Day, we had some amazing stories and pictures shared with us. Here, Robert shares a wonderful letter.

When we asked for your Roald Dahl memories to celebrate Roald Dahl Day last month, we had some incredible responses and we wanted to share a few. 

Before his death in 1990, Roald Dahl was a prolific letter-writer. Every week, hunderds of children would write to him, and more often than not he would read the letters and reply to them.

Here is one memorable occasion when he did just that.

Robert's letter:

Robert's 1989 letter from Roald Dahl, sent to him after his mother wrote to the author when a then 9-year-old Robert was suffering after two rejected kidney transplants

In 1989, Robert - then aged 9 - was suffering after two rejected kidney transplants. His Mum wrote to Roald Dahl to tell him about Robert's situation, and this is the letter Roald wrote back - along with a copy of Rhyme Stew.

The letter says:

"Dear Robert,

This book has in it a little bit of 'get better magic.' It is certain to get you better in the end.

With love

Roald Dahl
3rd Nov. 1989"

Robert says, "Mr Dahl was, and remains, my childhood hero and the "get better magic" truly worked. I am now 34 and have had a successful transplant for 13 years. This is still one of the favourite things I own."

With many thanks to Robert for sharing this story via our Facebook page.

Letter writing was a habit that Roald Dahl began early in his life - as a schoolboy he had to write weekly letters home and this was a habit that stuck with him. His childhood letters were signed 'Boy,' which later became the title of his 1984 book, subtitled Tales of Childhood.