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4:15pm, 28th October
Roald Dahl's The BFG with his Dream Jars, illustrated by Sir Quentin Blake

With Mark Rylance set to play The BFG in Steven Spielberg's adaptation, here's a crash-course in the Giant language of Gobblefunk

The Big Friendly Giant (and his less friendly Giant neighbours) have a lovely, if slightly back-to-front language all of their own which Roald Dahl created by playing around with language, creating lists of words especially for The BFG to use. We call it Gobblefunk, after The BFG's instruction to Sophie: "Don't gobblefunk around with words."

So, as award-winning actor Mark Rylance prepares to take on the role of the jumbliest Giant in Giant Country, we thought this would be a good time for all of us to brush up on some choice BFG phrases...

The Gobblefunk Glossary



This is The BFG's word for swashbuckling, as in, "We is doing this lovely bit of buckswashling both together."


Disasterous, as in, "Upgoing bubbles is a catasterous disastrophe!" - The BFG on frobscottle


Delicious, as in, "Delumptious fizzy frobscottle..." - The BFG


Awful, as in, "It's the grueful gruncious Jack! Jack is after me!" - The Fleshlumpeater on 'giant-slayer' Jack


Cheerful, as in, “Whenever I is feeling a bit scrotty," the BFG said, “a few gollops of frobscottle is always making me hopscotchy again.”


Ridiculous, as in, "They maybe is looking a bit propsposterous to you," the BFG said, "but you must believe me when I say they is very extrausual ears indeed."


Rotten, as in "So this is the filthing rotsome glubbage you is eating!" - The Bloodbottler to The BFG about the snozzcumber


Writing, as in "But I cannot be squibbling the whole gropefluncking dream on a titchy bit of paper." - The BFG 


Messy, as in, "You will be coming to an ucky-mucky end if any of them should ever be getting his gogglers upon you." - The BFG to Sophie


Splendid, as in, “How whoopsey-splunkers! How absolutely squiffling! l is all of a stutter.” - The BFG


This is just a little taster because, as well as Steven Speilberg's adaptation of The BFG making its way to a Giant screen near you, 2016 also sees the launch of a new Roald Dahl Dictionary full of gobblefunk and other delumptious words. Keep your gogglers peeled...

Wordplay with the BFG