Glenn Cosby at the Museum

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The Roald Dahl Museum
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10:00am, 30th October
Glenn Cosby cooking at the Roald Dahl Museum

Great British Bake Off star Glenn Cosby entertained the crowds at the Roald Dahl Museum with lots of laughs, big cakes and a mini bake off

Front of house regular Will Dawson-Pick was lucky enough to help out with the delicious event. Here are his memories of the day:

'When entering Willy Wonka’s factory the feeling was overwhelming for Charlie Bucket and the other lucky Golden Ticket winners, all their senses assulted by delicious treats only imaginable in their wildest and most sugar coated dreams. Visitors coming to see what items The Great British Bake Off contestant Glenn Cosby had prepared, were greeted with a similar experience.

I was fortunate enough to help with this particularly chocolatey workshop and see the magic that Glenn was able to mix together as if plucking it from a child’s imagination.

Glenn Cosby making meringue

The workshop was twofold. The first part involved Glenn giving a wonderfully entertaining and yummy tutorial in baking your own Italian meringue sponge cake. Visitors watched with awe as the 2013 Great British Bake Off contestant rustled up a frothy and delicious chocolate meringue butter icing -“full fat of course” said Glenn, who explained the importance of never sacrificing delicious desserts too low cholesterol.

What followed was a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed quiz, where exuberant young visitors had the opportunity to win some delicious cup cake toppings. They would be using these toppings in the second part of the workshop when the hungry generation of tomorrow would be able to decorate their own cup cake. 

Fun with Glenn Cosby

The tension grew as the toppings slowly diminished. Those who answered a question correctly, grabbed handful after handful of sugar-coated treats, under a strict time limit of 5 seconds. That didn’t stop the children pawing at their favourite toppings, wide-eyed and open-mouthed like Augustus Gloop.

Once the quiz had been completed and everyone had some special toppings for their cup cakes (well as much as was left after some impatient would-be chocolatiers had chosen to eat what they won), we moved on to the cake designing. Some adopted a carefully crafted, organised and structured approach, making sure every Smartie was in colour order and that there were an equal number of Maltesers on each side. Some chose a more cataclysmic form of decorating, with the intent of cramming as many calories onto the surface of the cup cake as possible.

Decorating cupcakes Decorated cupcakes

Once the countdown was finished, the tension returned. Glenn carefully inspected each cup cake, taking what felt like an age to judge each one, possibly exaggerated by how hungry I had become sitting amongst all the chocolate. Winners were announced, collecting their certificates and bagging a photo with Glenn, while losers ate their entries. Not such a bad consolation prize.

No one left empty-stomached as Glenn kindly served up the cake he had been making earlier and the parents who had so patiently sat green-eyed watching the workshop now matched the expressions of their children when making the cup cakes earlier.

A truly auspicious afternoon of cholesterol clogging wonderment.'