What does your World Book Day character reveal about you?

It may reveal more about you (or your chiddler) than you thought...

World Book Day is soon to be upon us. Be ready for costumes aplenty and quotes galore – and that’s just from the Roald Dahl social channels but what does one’s choice of costume say about a person? Fortunately, we’ve got some thoughts on the matter.

(Oh and if they don’t come in a character inspired by the world’s number one story teller then quite frankly it makes it very clear that this person should read better books.) 

Willy Wonka 

Anyone dressed as Willy Wonka is undoubtedly creative, inventive and a little bit of a show off. There’s also a good chance they’ll grow up to be a culinary mastermind so make sure you stay on their good side, their dinner parties are set to be sensational.

Veruca Salt

Ambitious, direct and knows what they want. Those donning pink sparkles, a faux fur and more sass then the rest of the class combined come the first Thursday of March are sure to take to a leadership position when they grow up, though whether it will be democratically or via dictatorship we couldn’t possibly say.


Gutsy, courageous, smart and committed to the cause – anywhere who rocks up to World Book Day as the original bookworm really knows how to work with a theme. Matildas are adventurous and always ready to make a difference thanks to the vast library of knowledge they’ve built up from their reading collection,


Oh the BFGs, those big friendly giants and wonderful kind souls. Those who are sent to school on World Book Day as this hero not only avoid taking themselves too seriously – how can they, they’re quite often wearing paper plates cut in half for ears – but are typically great friends who are always on hand to listen to a problem of a friend, it helps they’ve got those very large ear holes after all. A word of warning for those now grown up BFGs, Gobblefunk doesn’t always translate that well via autocorrect so watch out for their texts.

Fantastic Mr Fox

Articulate, eloquent and just a little bit arrogant. Fantastic Mr Fox costumes aren’t worn by the timid. These foxy folks are set for big things in life, with the sort of sales patter that is no doubt already cunningly convincing others in the playground to part with their pocket money – don’t be too taken in by the bold bravado, underneath there’s a heart of gold. Ok, perhaps it’s gold-plated.

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